Monday, April 1, 2013

March Measurements and Training

So today I'm posting my training and measurement.  I usually do measurements on the 7th of the month, BUT since I will be on vacation, no measurements.....

This is the breakdown of the month...


Running:  41.5 miles     Down 21.3 miles since February

Biking:  63.6 miles        Up 19.3 miles

Rowing:  33,474.4 meters  20.8 miles       Up 7.5 miles

There is no excuse for my lack of running miles.  It doesn't feel like spring, but it's March.  We've had two significant snow falls this month, and I'm just not into running in the freezing cold anymore.


So my running slacked a bit, so what, my bike and rowing miles went up.  It's not like I completely quit working out!!  Killer (rowing machine) and I have grown to love one another.  Well kinda.  I still think he likes me more than I like him.  I feel stronger on the rower, but I still don't enjoy it.....


Thighs:  -1/2 inch
Hips:  -3/4
Waist:  -3/4
Arms:  -1/2
Stomach:  -1.25
Weight:  -1.2 lbs!!!!!!
Percent Body Fat:  -1.2%

All negatives!!!!!!!!!!!!

3.75 total inches lost!!!!!!!!!

I KILLED it this month!!!!!  Even with the decrease in running miles, I still knocked off LOTS of inches!!!  Even actual pounds!  (well really 1.2, but still!)

Even with the low (training) numbers this month, I've turned up the intensity of my workouts.  I bought a GymBoss and have been using it for all of my interval training on the bike and weights.  It's super easy to use, the hubby even used it today for this bike!

I've put a lot of cross fit workouts into my routine as well, and I'm only doing weights 2-3 times a week.  I have also been doing lots of speed work this month.  LOTS!  I ran 6 miles Saturday and felt amazing!!  I set a PR for the distance!  Here are my splits:

Mile 1    8:55
Mile 2    8:50
Mile 3    8:42
Mile 4    8:43
Mile 5    8:33
Mile 6    8:27

I did not wear my "speedy outfit" yesterday.  However, I did wear the same color combo....Maybe blue and black are my secret speedy colors?

I must confess, I did weigh myself three times this month.  I'm thinking that weighing myself once a week is enough.  With my actual measurements going down, I cannot complain about the number on the scale only moving 1.2 pounds.  I mean for real, I lost 3.75 inches this month!!!  Inches are way more awesome than pounds!!!!!

Do you have a "spring break" vacation planned?

We typically go somewhere when the kiddo is out of school for spring break.  This year we are headed to Colorado!  Is it weird I'm excited to run at elevation?  My husband thinks I'm insane.  I'm just giddy thinking about it!  The scenery is going to be amazing, even if I can't breathe!  Can't. Freaking. Wait.  I don't even care if I run super slow or if I'm even able to run at all (since my lungs will feel as though I have a vice on them...).  Running in new places makes me so excited!!!


  1. DAMN! Way to go! That is an awesome improvement! And so great that you are measuring inches too, like you said, since it was "only" 1.2 pounds :P Are you just feeling fab!

    CO sounds awesome and I want to hear ALL ABOUT running at elevation before I try it in UT in less than three weeks! AHH!!!!

  2. You are wicked fast!!!

    Hope you are having fun on vacation!!