Thursday, April 11, 2013

Boulder will be my future home....

I'll have to break the Colorado trip up into a few different posts.  I have so much to write about, and so many pictures to share!  I can't possibly fit them into one post!!

So Boulder my most favorite place in America (so far anyway, I've seen lots of cities, so this is my America anyway...)

This city has so much to offer!  It's a college town, so it's busy with college kids.  We live in a college town now, and absolutely love it.  Boulder reminded us a lot of the city we currently live in, of course without all of that elevation....

Our first day we just drove around and found a local running store.  I thought I had died and went to heaven.  It was a REAL running store!  HUGE!  I was seriously in heaven.  The hubby stayed for a minute, then walked across the street to a bike store (that's his idea of heaven...)  I bought some shirts from the store, but one of them I had to accomplish something first...

Awesome-est running store EVER!

This is the coolest shirt I own!

I had to run at elevation before I could wear that!

Speaking of elevation......I ran for the first time in my life at high elevation.  Where I currently live, I do have some elevation, but no where near 5,391 feet!  I ran 4 miles on Thursday.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I mean, it wasn't just really easy either.  I found that on all of my runs, I started out good, but by about 30 minutes in, I'd feel exhausted!  I ran the first day close to the hotel we were staying, and tried to stay somewhere I thought I'd be familiar with.  I downloaded Glympse (an app I learned about from Kim's post here), and had the hubby download the app, just in case I got lost, or if he didn't hear from me.  It's a great app, you should totally check it out!

Boulder's Downtown Mall

Awesome view while waiting on the light to turn 

After my run, the boys and I decided hike some local trails.  They call one of them "Flatirons" in Boulder.  Yeah, well, we took a wrong turn up the mountain and didn't see the "Flatirons", but we did have an amazing view, and it was totally worth the 2 mile hike up!  When we got almost to the top, these two older ladies, when I say older, they could've been my grandma, asked us if they could help.  We told them we were looking for Flatirons, and they told us we made a wrong turn somewhere, but there was an awesome trail just ahead of us.  We took their advice and hiked on up.  They were right. It was awesome.  They gave us a bit of history...a long time ago, people used to hike up this mountain and camp out.  They made these chairs and all kinds of things out of the rocks.  So when we got up there, we sat down on these "chairs" and relaxed a little.  Who knows if the story is true, but I did enjoy the chair!

The mountain we walked up

See the trail?  How awesome is that?

Me and my hot hubby

Just taking a rest after a 2 mile hike up!

This freaked me out a bit....

Me and my boys!

The third day in Boulder was our last.  I ran 5 miles that morning on local trails made for runners and cyclists.  These "trails" were amazing!  They were huge!  They went all over the city and didn't cross any main roads, they all had underpasses, so you didn't have to wait on traffic!  How cool is that?  The trails were even marked to tell you how far something is from that spot.  I had no idea where I was, so that didn't really matter much to me.  I did see lots of cyclists going to work on those trails.  I'm sure it's much faster to use them than the roads.  Although, the roads here have HUGE bike lanes!!

HUGE!  I could not believe how wide it was!

This is the underpass for runner/cyclists

Another awesome view while running!

After my run, I showered, ate breakfast, then we drove up to Nederland.  Nederland is not a big city at all, but the drive there was awesome.  We saw "Boulder Canyon Drive" on Google Earth and had to check it out before we made the drive down to Colorado Springs.

The mountains on both sides!

Snow on the mountain!

Spectacular view!

Barker Reservoir while on the way to Nederland

I had never in my life seen a lake frozen in real life!  I was excited!

So that is the first few days in Colorado.  I'm hoping to get other posts on here soon!

Have you ever ran at elevation?  If so, how was it for you?  Did you do okay, but feel tired about mid run?  I did!

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