Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Why I have no spare time....

I have no time to waste.  This is gonna be short and sweet, and mostly pics...

My most favorite uncle passed away last week.  He was my birthday buddy.  After I spoke to my dad I picked up some Chinese food and this was my fortune cookie...

Exactly what I needed in that moment

I have been buried in books for the past week....

My OCD tendencies have been left at the door to the office...

Clinical comes early in the morning.  I forgot how early until last week.  This is the time AFTER I was finished getting ready and about to head out the door...

I had an angry tooth that had to be pulled.  I spent the majority of Monday morning trying to get it crowned so I could save the tooth, but it had to be pulled later that day...I also found out I have some rare nerve thing that only bothers the tooth I had pulled, the dentist gave me a handout, it only happens to 0.9% of the population, I was only the second case he's ever seen...lucky me....  Because of this rare nerve issue, I received nine shots in the morning for the temporary crown, then eight in the afternoon to have it pulled.  Eventually they had to numb the actual bone.  My jaw is still sore...but the tooth pain is gone!

I have seriously the most awesome dentists (they are a husband and wife) you could ask for.  I wanted pics, and they were okay with that!

The dentist actually took this one for me! 
THAT is a big ole tooth!!!
BTW, that dark spot is NOT decay.  It was an old filling I had put in 12 years ago when they used the ones with mercury in them...

Come to find out, my tooth was fractured.  Ouch.

I've been riding the hell out of my bike, and I'm still fitting some running in there.  It seems to keep me sane amidst all this chaos.

I rode yesterday after I had clinical and after I didn't sleep the night before (apparently I'm allergic to Vicodin now).  I told the hubby I'd be good for 10 miles...well I did 15 instead.

Cicadas are taking over our life here.  They say it is not even as bad as it's gonna be yet.  They just came out of the ground, but when they get their "groove on" to make more to bury themselves for another 17 years it's gonna be even louder...Yay.

Oscar is still getting his run on.  With the heat it's hard to get him out, but we're trying our best.

I'll gladly put this down for a run momma!

Okay, so that's my wrap up of the past week or so!

Gotta study...NOW!!!!!!!

How do you deal with chaos and stress?

I tend to exercise more, and I think that does help.


  1. Ouch ouch ouch! Your tooth! I love that you posted pics. Whenever my friends have injuries or something funky like that happen I am all "I WANT TO SEE!!!!"

    Keep studying! And yes! I workout to stay sane. Or overeat. But that adds to the stress.

    Sorry about your uncle. Hugs!

    1. I think I freaked some peeps out on FB!! I got several texts asking me why I posted it! I mean why not? Pam convinced me since I sent it to her, I was high on drugs, so I thought, why not?!?!

      About that studying...I actually feel asleep at the desk today, so it was time to find something else to I went from endocrine to drugs!!!! LOL!!!

      Thanks for the hugs!